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Katia: Welcome

Tattoos by Katia

Tattoos by Katia

Tattoo Artist since 2006

Katia practices intentional tattooing techniques to encourage reflection and growth. The tattooing time being mostly silent, she likes to connect with her clients beforehand with a short card reading. She specializes in patterns, geometric, blackwork and dotwork, and she offers  custom-drawn design options on the day of the session to discuss for co-creation. 

There are 2 tattoo packages to choose from:
- Single Design Sessions - One day tattoo experience in a beautiful private studio.
- Tattoo Retreat Sessions- Multiple days in a retreat setting with a fully equipped guest suite and private spa. Each option involves working together on a custom design based on geometric shapes, patterns, mandalas, dotwork and blackwork designs. 

*To request a tattoo or for more information, please fill out the  Request / Interest Form*
Katia accepts tattoo requests at all times and prioritizes previous clients and larger projects, such as sleeves and multiple day sessions. She especially loves tattooing heads, necks, hands, sleeves, chests, and full backs (full-body, anyone?). If you haven't received a response in 5-6 months, please re-apply if still interested. 
Instagram: @tattoos_by_katia

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