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Katia: Welcome

Tattoos by Katia

Tattoos by Katia

Tattoo Artist since 2006

Katia embraces intentional tattooing techniques designed to inspire reflection and personal growth. She believes in creating a meaningful and transformative experience for each client.


Prior to the mostly silent tattooing session, Katia connects with her clients through guided meditation and card readings, infusing a ceremonial aspect into the process. Depending on the client's comfort level, a sound healer may be invited to help soothe the mind and enhance relaxation during the experience.

Katia specializes in intricate patterns, mandalas, geometric designs, blackwork, and dotwork styles. She focuses exclusively on black ink designs, bringing depth and dimension to her work without the use of color.

Book your day long private session now near Commercial drive in East Vancouver for an immersive and personalized experience.

Instagram: @tattoos_by_katia

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