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Tattoos By Katia

Katia Somerville: Welcome
lauren review.jpg

April, 2023 (2 day retreat)

I feel so honored to have Katia's artwork on my arm. It's been so special to get to create something together after 7 years of admiring her work. Never thought I would ever go on a tattoo retreat, or that I would have a sleeve! But I guess I'm honoring my 30s with a bang.


14 hours of tattooing spread over 2 days. I don't know how to sum up how magical it was.


To speak about Katia specifically, such a kind, caring and wonderful human. Thank you for the grounding meditation and card reading before each session. Thank you for letting me join you in yoga. Thank you for being so meticulous with stencil placement and pattern sorting until it was jusssst right, and for not settling for anything less.


Thank you for the laughs, the hugs, the gentle hand, the excitement, the loving energy infused into each line and dot. For use of your infrared sauna and hot tub. For your timeliness and communication. For introducing me to your cat, Lio . For challenging me not to scratch my itches. For sharing your humanness with me. For the awesome music, for the old Rainfire merch, for everything.


I can't recommend this experience enough if you are into the style of tattoo. Can't wait to come back! 


Lauren G

Katie review.jpg

November, 2022 (Single session)

The booking process was very streamlined (form, phone call, and done), and the design process was great - you are an artist, I am not, and I'd much rather let someone create something they love / enjoy than whatever design I could create. Your designs have been super creative and exactly what I didn't know I wanted (and on the topic of feedback, you take the pictures I send and why I like them to heart and build off of that very well).


Your geodome is very cozy and smells great - I am sensitive to smells but you have it at not too strong but pleasant which is a hard thing to hit. The temperature was perfect for a tank top, and it was very warm (temperature and feeling wise).


For the short pre-tattoo meditation, and your voice is very calming and gets a lot of antsiness out. For the card reading I'm just curious as to what turns up and what the book says. It's always interesting!


During the tattoo, I got a nap, read a book, and there was still time for food/water/bio breaks and stretching. I was never wishing for a break, but when they came I was happy to stretch. I was honestly surprised when I went home and saw the time - I thought it was much shorter than it was (but time is relative anyway).


In addition to all of the above, there's bike parking and your place is easy to find. I don't feel the tattoo needles almost ever, but I don't know how much of that is my lack of nerves / high pain threshold and how much is your technique so not sure if that's helpful.

Katie Hay

Katia Somerville: Testimonials

My experience was amazing. Not only did I feel like I was in a very loving and safe place but I also felt enlightened just by being there. The card reading before the tattoo gave me insight and empowerment as to why this beautiful art would be a part of me. Katia’s ability as an artist and love and passion for what she does shines through in her work. My tattoo healed beautifully and this was truly such a special experience. Many people have commented that it is the best tattoo they have seen. It is beautiful and I feel so much gratitude and honour to have been a part of the experience. Thank you to Katia for bringing more love, light, appreciation and empowerment into my life.

Melanie Timms

jill bw_edited.jpg

This was my birthday treat to myself. No words can describe how happy I am to FINALLY be tattooed by the incredibly talented hand of Katia Somerville. Thank you Katia! I absolutely LOVE IT!!! The experience of getting this tattoo was very powerful and I cherish my time spent in her studio. Before our session I drew a card from a deck, and she read me what it meant. It goes like this: “It’s time to leap into the air and let the earth turn beneath you, to discover new things when you come down again. Forces of chaos are at work. Look for the unexpected, find opportunity in it and ‘GO FOR IT’. Use creativity and think amazing new thoughts.” This sums up how I’m feeling perfectly. I love my tattoo so much!

Jillian Amatt


What a magical experience! From the pre-tattoo meditation to Katia’s gentle yet detailed tattooing. I have been trying to get on the list for two years and finally, the day came. Oddly, it started to hail as I entered for my session, sunny all day, then hail again the second I step out after finishing (financial gains coming… anyone?? :D). I am very happy with my beautiful tattoo. It has garnered a lot of positive attention and I am just amazed at the detail and placement. This art is on another level. Thanks for such an amazing experience!

John Mares


I went and got my hand tattooed and I’m so happy with it! It makes me so happy every time I look at it. The studio has amazing energy in it that is very calming and relaxing, I am so excited to get more tattooed by Katia ASAP!

Zed G


Getting a tattoo from Katia was an amazing experience! I’m ecstatic about the way it looks, it’s healing like a dream, and she was amazing. Professional, and but extremely warm and welcoming. This was my third tattoo, though and everything about the experience just added to the importance of the piece.

Diane L


My tattoo is healing well and looks AMAZING! Katia was so patient with me during the entire process and I really appreciated the time and care she gave me throughout the entire experience. I’ve received so many complements on it piece, and I cannot say enough great things about Katia and the work she does. I sincerely hope to visit again soon for another stunning addition. THANK YOU!



Well that was one of the most beautiful and magical tattoo experiences of my life.

Kyle Solly


I had a wonderful experience getting my first tattoo. The studio was a calming place and I’m really pleased with Katia’s detailed line work and shading. She did an awesome job fitting the geometry of the piece to my shoulder and upper arm. The healing of process was a smooth one and I’m still delighted with the work every morning when I wake up.

Janet Weir

I would recommend Katia to everyone. My experience was unlike any other I have had at other tattoo shops, and I have a good amount of ink. I received a beautiful Bud & Bloom design from the Rainfire Tattoo newsletter by Katia and from the moment I arrived I felt at ease and comfortable.

Brittany Goetz

This tattoo has inspired my massage brand: Lunar Collision Healing. The timing of this tattoo was beyond perfect. I honestly cannot express enough gratitude to Katia. My tattoo has lit an inner fire within me and now that it is forever with me, the fire shall never die until this life time is up.

Samantha Shrimpton

Such a calming experience for a tattoo! Went over the design and placement down to the last detail, which is very appreciated! tattoos last a lifetime so it’s great that Katia cared enough to make sure everything was right where i wanted It. She also sat me down and meditated with me which was OH so needed and a first time for me :) brought me to a whole new peace of mind prior to the actual tattooing.


Love this place and can’t wait to go back to get more art done! <3

Josie Oneil


I recently received a trust tattoo from Katia through the monthly newsletter. The whole experience was truly transformative. Katia is not only a truly gifted, passionate artist but she also takes great care to create a welcoming, comfortable space. I am also absolutely in love with my new tattoo and can’t wait to book another session!

Brad Macdonald


After months and months of researching on the internet for the next talented artist I want to meet and create,  I came across Katia Somerville's beautiful and passionate art.  Her art and passion resonated with me. I feel very fortunate and forever grateful for the magical experience she has given me. Choosing her as my artist is one of the best decisions I have ever made.


From start to finish was an empowering and enlightening experience, as Katia's approach is multidimensional. She brings you to this magical space to connect your mind, soul and body to prepare you for the session. I have never had such an experience ever before, and I have literally been to different tattoo shops and artists before. Katia is a very kind, positive, thorough, and professional tattoo artist, who would go beyond to make you feel comfortable, calm and in tune with the whole experience. She  ensures that every detail of the tattoo has got the attention it seeks and completed with precision.


The whole experience is unforgettable, empowering and magical. Katia went above and beyond my expectations and for that I can't ask for more.


If you're going to get your first, second, or even more tattoo, then, I strongly suggest that you go to Rainfire Tattoo Shop. As you do not only pay for the beautiful art that all the artists create there, but also the unforgettable journey you embark together for those hours you are with them. Thank you Katia, for sharing your talent into this world, for creating such a beautiful art piece for me, and most especially for giving me a magical day that I will treasure forever.

Emerald Bello

My latest tattoo was a trust tattoo that Katia designed. She out did herself. I am so happy with it and am so excited to have a piece of her art on my body. As a trust tattoo I did not peek at it at all during the process (was difficult not too) but I totally trusted her to make something beautiful. Did she ever, love it and her. Thank you Katia from the bottom of my heart ♥️

Dawn Wilkins

Incredible work from Katia. So much passion and attentiveness was given to my experience. Beyond words in love with my work of art and love!!

Kristyn Honey

Beautiful space to be tattooed. Katia has created a peaceful, clean, and relaxed environment. Excited to continue my piece!

Alyson Konopczynski


My experience was completely transformative. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to have Katia's art infuse magic into my skin.  I can't imagine going anywhere else for a tattoo.

Jessica Alcorso


Katia is not only an incredibly talented artist, but a wonderful person who inspires interesting discussion and reflection during the tattoo experience. She really listened to my suggestions about the design and put her style into it to make it another one of her beautiful pieces of art. I couldn't be happier with the whole experience and I would go back to her in a heartbeat. Lovely person, amazing artist-- Highly recommend!

Jenny A


 I have mostly been tattooed by the owner, Katia. Her demeanor is calm and kind. What a relaxing experience, especially if your nervous about being tattooed. She takes the time for a short meditation beforehand you can set your intentions, if you're interested. I could go on forever. I love you Katia!! Much love & gratitude♡

Aimee Fauteux

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