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Studio Update

The Rainfire Tattoo Studio on East Pender Street permanently closed on Jan 1st, 2022 after 10 years. Katia would like to express her gratitude for the many talented artists and admin who helped Rainfire Tattoo meet its intention, and the many amazing clients who walked through our doors. 

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Tattoo Lineage

Katia's lineage can be traced back over a century ago to legendary tattooists, Bert Grimm and his apprentice Don Deaton, founder and owner of Sea Tramp Tattoo, which is now the oldest existing tattoo shop in Portland, OR. 

Bert Grimm 1915 - Don Deaton 1972 - Amanda Myers 1990 - Peter Archer 1995 - Rowan Kimsey 2003 - Katia Somerville 2006 -Katia's apprentices Vanessa, Faye and Kylie

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