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Studio Update

Katia has been tattooing since 2006. After her apprenticeship finished, she took a business course and opened a tattoo studio called Rainfire Tattoo in 2012. For many years the studio was a busy, yet calm and beautiful place to get a tattoo in the heart of East Vancouver, as well as a home to resident artists and guest artists from all over the world. At the end of 2022, Katia decided to close the business and is currently working out of a different studio in East Vancouver, BC, Canada.


To contact Katia with any questions, feel free to send her an email to 

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Tattoo Lineage

Katia's lineage can be traced back over a century ago to legendary tattooists, Bert Grimm and his apprentice Don Deaton, founder and owner of Sea Tramp Tattoo, which is now the oldest existing tattoo shop in Portland, OR. 

Bert Grimm 1915 - Don Deaton 1972 - Amanda Myers 1990 - Peter Archer 1995 - Rowan Kimsey 2003 - Katia Somerville 2006 -Katia's apprentices Vanessa, Faye and Kylie

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