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Amber MacPhail from Vancouver, BC 2021
Lucy from Vancouver, BC 2021

Gabi Nova from Montreal, QC 2021

Vicky Wu from Toronto, ON 2021

Kylie Faelan from Vancouver 2021

Felix Addison from Gabriola Island 2021

Paul Bevan from London, UK 2021

Bekki Luna Lana from Manchester UK 2021

Faye Basravi from Vancouver 2021

Duygu Topçu from Istanbul, Turkey 2020

Cerin Shin from South Korea 2020

Jacquelina Divina from off the Salish Coast, Victoria 2020

Thalia Couture from Gabriola Island 2019/2020

Megan Allard from Sydney, AU 2019

Mary Jane Watson from Sweden 2019

Mitch Moss from Whistler, BC 2019

Gina Zajec from Mexico 2019

Mariana Groning from Mexico 2019

Janine Vitales from Vancouver 2019

Wendi Kai from USA 2019

Leigh Harris from Sweden 2019

Gloria Faron from Poland 2019

Amelie Soucy from Vancouver 2018

Caroline Cloutier from Quebec 2018

Jean-Phillippe Caron from Banff AB 2018

Dmitry Razin from Latvia 2018

Tedd Hucks from Ontario 2017

Lu Loram-Martin from Ontario 2017

Katakan Kabin from Quebec 2017

Nia Tucker from UK 2016

Saga Anderson from Alberta 2015

Vanessa Dong from Vancouver 2014

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